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==References and Notes==
==References and Notes==
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"Dammit, Kyungsoo. This is all your fault. Sehun's a System prisoner now because of you, you little shit!"
— Chiyun reminding Kyungsoo that it's his fault Sehun got captured by the System in Scarlet Rain, chapter 35
Chom Chiyun is a 26-year-old Rebellion leader with short brown hair, blue eyes, and long legs.


The Main Series

Scarlet Rain

When we first see Chiyun, she's writing notes on her notepad, trying not to wake the boys she's sharing the house with. Her cousin, the nine-year old psycho Estrella Reyes, turns on the TV, and wakes up the boy sleeping on the couch. Estrella greets the boy after being reprimanded about trackable TVs. Chiyun asks the boy, whose name has been revealed as Chanyeol, if, in a half-hour, he can wake the others.


"What are you doing? That TV can be tracked!"
—Chiyun yelling at Estrella after she turns on the TV Scarlet Rain, chapter 1
"I will Wingardium Leviosa your ass, Jongin!"
—Chiyun snapping at Kai after he paints a mirror purple Scarlet Rain, chapter 2
"Kai: Think about it, Chiyun. You're the Resistance's only hope. I mean, sure, it's no big deal, but---
Chiyun: Shut up, Kai. You've already f*cked up. I don't need any more of your shit.
Kai: Listen to me.
Kai and Chiyun arguing after Chiyun was brainwashed by the System Matryoshka Doll, chapter 19


  • Her nickname, Lance, comes from the Voltron character of the same name.
  • Although not listed here, she can speak basic Arabic. (the languages listed are some of her best.)
    • The same applies with Portugese (Brazilian), Javanese, and Estonian.
  • She was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at age 5.
  • She's very close to the Reyes family's three kids.
    • Her favorite family member is actually Estrella.
  • She's allergic to shellfish.[4]
  • Although he is also part of a rebellion team--a long-since-disbanded one---like she is, Chiyun does not like being near G-Dragon.
  • She has no memories of her life before she started running.[5]

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